GIS Application

SPARC’s GIS application development can be broadly classified into 3 ways: Web, Mobile and Cloud Application. The organization has well-established open source development network which facilitates better quality of complete Software Development Life Cycle such as system architecture, development of geodatabase, development of Web GIS application, information portal, testing, deployment etc.

SPARC has reliable professionals who develop solutions using this framework which is comparatively cost effective and also allows to focus on quick software updates, bug fixing and better transparency.

Spatial Data Mining

SPARC’s spatial data mining methodology enables in identifying objects that are relevant in order to build real, actionable patterns. We also assist the data managers with proper information to make decisions through processing of large files of transaction data from auxiliary sources such as web server logs, internet click-stream data, etc.

We have a team of experienced database experts with expertise in managing high-volume data, data marts, who are supported by experienced project and task managers.

Location-based Information System

SPARC has time-tested procedural framework for development of location-based service on all contemporary software platforms. Our organization specializes in development and implementation of GIS integrated location-based services and utilize its potential in effective decision making.

The developed solutions can be implemented in multiple domains which can be applied to almost any governance and businesses to facilitate availability of information in real-time, reduction in service response time and to take immediate decisions.

Business Intelligence

SPARC has an established business intelligence framework which facilitates data mining and extraction of information and helps in enhancing business visibility. With the proficient use of business intelligence, the solution developed by SPARC is being implemented in the areas of land/ real estate management, transport and logistics and finance leading to decreased risks and better value to consumers.

The service provided are fully adaptable to the organizations business requirement and implements different analysis and generate information in the patterns and trends such as statistical tables, charts and maps.



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