Geodatabase Development

GIS and Geo-database services include data conversion services, spatial data engineering and platform migration services, generation of spatial data from satellite images, aerial photographs, field survey, etc.

All such data generated follow a pre-designed geo-data model prepared by experienced GIS data engineers based on end-user requirements.

Differential GPS Survey

SPARC has extensive experience in carrying out Differential GPS survey for forestry, mining and utility infrastructure service. The DGPS survey infrastructure consist of about 100 high-precision DGPS equipment suitable for Reference Station, establishment of Ground Control Networks, real-time Kinematic and Post-processing surveys.

The experienced work force has successfully delivered more than 200 DGPS survey assignments for various Government and Corporate customers.

Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry

The Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry services include acquisition processing and interpretation of satellite images/ aerial photographs for high-precision land-use/ land cover and terrain mapping. Stereo satellite images/ aerial photographs geo-rectified w.r.t Ground Control Networks (DGPS survey) are used for generation of ortho-images, digital surface models/ digital elevation models.

These photogrammetric outputs are utilised for high-precision area and volumetric estimation, generation of longitudinal section/ cross-section required for end use application such as infrastructure design (roads/ canals, pipelines, etc.), mining, slope analysis in hilly/ forest areas.



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