Urban Planning

SPARC facilitates urban planners in formulation of urban master plan and infrastructure development plan. Our expertise in sectoral studies were carried out to prepare housing, transport, utility infrastructure, drainage and solid waste management plan.

With the adept use of GIS, very high-resolution satellite data, legal cadasters and thematic field surveys we also carry out proximity studies, what-if analysis and growth analysis leading to formulation of sustainable urban development plan ensuring citizen well-being.

Catchment Development Plan

SPARC provides Catchment Development Plan as a service for overall improvement in the environmental condition of the selected region.

We assist in identification of directly/ free draining catchment to be done basing on Remote Sensing and validation through field survey, appropriate study regarding erosion levels around the area, development of preventive measures for the treatment of catchment for its stabilization against future erosion.

DPR on Water Utilities & Irrigation

SPARC assists the urban planners/ policy makers in formulation of action plan and distribution network for futuristic need regarding continuous water supply and for development in irrigation.

The service provided helps in assessment of current status of water supply systems to all major aspects, water availability, review of cropping pattern, crop water requirement, remodeling/re-sectioning, realigning of canal, etc.

We help in developing significant preparatory work for ensuring long-term sustainability.



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