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Established in 1997, Spatial Planning & Analysis Research Centre(SPARC) Pvt. Ltd. is a technology service company specialising in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Understanding the surging necessity for efficient resource and asset management, SPARC offers customized solutions framed in line with legaland policy guidelines for societal, economic and environmental benefits ensuring sustainable outcome. These solutions foster efficient planning and decision making to address competing challenges of development and conservation.

SPARC leverages the technologies of Global Positioning System(GPS), Internet of Things (IoT), Satellite Remote Sensing, Structurefrom Motion (SFM) Photogrammetry, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML). Cloud Computing, Web/MobileApplications, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) toprovide value-added technology solutions to its customers.

SPARC Advantage

Proven expertise with years of experience in domestic and international markets

Skilful deployment of geospatial and computing technologies

Domain knowledge in specialised verticals

State-of-the-art infrastructure


To offer innovative and customised solutions leveraging IT and GIS technology for sustainable outcome.


  • Deploy GIS technology for sustainable development
  • Offer cost-effective solutions through innovation and process improvement
  • Visualise the outcome while delivering the output
  • Create and maintain competent resource pool abreast with technology advancements
  • Co-create customer growth through value-added services and use clients success as a yardstick to measure our success

Value Proposition

  • Fostering inclusiveness and sustainability
  • Contemporary technology skills
  • Assured quality
  • On-time delivery
  • Low-cost service


  • Founded as an IT company specialising in Geographic Information System



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