REDD+ Monitoring

SPARC implements unique location-based information systems to plan and monitor REDD+ afforestation areas.

The solution comprises of precise delineation and micro-planning of intervention areas using DGPS, remote sensing and GIS. Location enabled mobile data collector utilities are deployed to track and monitor eco-restoration/ afforestation progress supported with time-stamped, geo-tagged photographs. Field data pushed from mobile devices along with financial (disbursement and utilization) & community data (wage payments, livelihood activities) are integrated in a Web-GIS based MRV (monitoring, reporting and verification) system allowing transparency in field implementation. Need based UAV survey and mapping is undertaken to assess survival rates and effectiveness of such programs.

The solution is very useful to monitor Forest Carbon Offset projects bringing in transparency between investors and local communities.

Forest Land Information System

Effective forest governance demands accurate identification and demarcation of forest land boundaries. Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has directed identification of all types of forest areas, their geo-referencing and integration in a GIS based decision support database with regular updates.

SPARC has successfully executed this assignment in Odisha State and has developed innovative technical solutions for error-free field survey, on-line data transmission from field, machine validation and certification of survey data.

Data collected from thousands of forest blocks are seamlessly integrated into a well-designed geospatial database and Web-GIS based Forest Land Information and Decision Support System (FLI_DSS) for access by different users. The FLI-DSS provides information on forest land for any defined area of interest, facilitating pre-evaluation of the project from forest and environment perspective. It also helps identification of degraded forest land for undertaking afforestation programs.

Forest Management

SPARC implements Web GIS solutions that provide unique location-based visualization to forest managers on forest land boundaries, forest cover, canopy density, forest types, soil, slope, morphology, drainage, elevations, etc.; with reference to the forest administrative set-up (division, range, section & beat boundaries).

This helps forest managers to understand the growing stock, biodiversity, temporal changes in forest cover, canopy density, etc., leading to development of appropriate forest development programs to improve the Quality of Forests, manage & mitigate disaster such as forest fires, landslides and curb Climate Change.

Environmental Information System

Monitoring environmental pollution levels, risk assessment analysis and effective enforcement of environmental regulations require an efficient system to assimilate, analyze and visualize real time environmental data.

SPARC assists environmental regulators to implement GIS based Environmental Information Systems facilitating map-based visualization of environmental status including locations of Pollution Sources, Carriers and Receptors. The dashboard alerts and location based analytical reports generated from the system (Web GIS) helps in mitigation of the environmental concerns in time with need-based enforcements.



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