Crop Land Monitoring

SPARC has implemented Cropland Monitoring Systems for provincial governments to provide unique insights on crop coverage, crop diversity, crop health, yield forecasting using very high-resolution temporal satellite imageries and legal cadasters.

The system helps the government in making precise forecast on quantum of crop produced by farmers and advance arrangements for smooth procurement. The satellite imagery also helps in identifying crop land remaining fallow during a crop season and any misreporting by the farmers.

Mining Information System

Mine exploration and extraction demand accurate location-based information. SPARC’s Mining Information System is a GIS enabled ICT solution, which helps mining companies to comprehensively maintain and manage land and lease information, stipulations of approved mining plan and conditions of forest and environment clearances for regulatory compliances.

The solution enables strategic planning, decision making, managing land titles, evaluation of periodic environmental impact in the surrounding, compliance to regulatory conditions, improve facility management and plan post mining land reclamation.

GLASS (GIS-based Land and Asset Surveyance System)

GLASS is an asset management solution developed by SPARC based on decades of experience in management of geographically distributed immovable assets such as land, buildings, utility assets (road, drain, water, power and telecom).

Key functionalities of GLASS include:
  • Visualisation of land and other property asset locations with key information
  • Land accounting (Land holding Vs Land utilisation)
  • Planning, O&M of Utility Infrastructure
  • Green zone planning & maintenance

Asset locations with their key-attributes integrated with high-resolution satellite images/ aerial photographs, legal cadaster and made available through web/mobile interface provides unique visualization for decision making. GLASS is easy to manage and is deployed in open-source environment.

Land Acquisition Monitoring

Land acquisition is the most critical activity for grounding of any industry or infrastructure project such as industrial plants, mining, railway, national highway, water resource development, pipelines, etc. SPARC’s Land Acquisition Monitoring solution assists project proponents to not only select the most suitable land from economic, social & environmental perspectives, but also helps them carry out their land base accounting (type and extent of land required for the project) on a GIS platform.

The solution helps users to monitor progress of land acquisition based on administrative units (villages) and land classification (government, private, forest) on a visual environment. It has an integrated workflow management system to track delays for timely redressal. The solution has an in-built document management system to index and catalogue agreements, lease deeds, payment receipts etc. for need-based retrieval and conflict resolution.

Utility Asset Management

SPARC’s Web GIS based Utility Asset Management System helps in efficient network infrastructure gap analysis, upgradation planning, network extension/ operation, asset maintenance, service restoration planning, etc.

The solution is designed based on existing network maps, remote sensing and DGPS based field surveys, asset geodatabase development, asset validation, generation of asset registers, and integration of asset geodatabase on Web GIS platform. An integrated Mobile Application facilitates real time update of utility network assets and their status.



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